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susan smith

Richard Carattini

I first came to the Advanced Biomechanics after my first amputation above my ankle. I found out I had diabetes with a high A1c level which depressed me. I didn’t properly care for myself.   I’ve always been active so I figured I’d be OK but I wasn’t and I ended up septic and had a 30% chance of survival. I ultimately lost both my legs and was really depressed for a while.  I slowly came out of my depression as I came to terms with my life situation. I’ve always been very independent I am now much healthier.  Advanced Biomechanics has helped me so much on my journey towards recovery.   I’ve had several setbacks including revision surgeries, swelling and other complications. Advanced Biomechanics has always been there for me from day one and has been very diligent in getting me up and running.  I’m truly blessed and grateful to still continue to fight the good fight and stay in the light and hopefully lead by example. I give much Thanks to Eric and the team at Advanced Biomechanics for never giving up on me, especially when I wanted to give up on myself. 

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